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Whitney Miller went from former miss United States, to BJJ bad-ass, to love and relationship coach. She is in an open relationship with her fiancé Aubrey and they have shared their journey on the Aubrey Marcus podcast and social media for the last couple of years. The struggles as well as the beautifull lessons and insights.

It was such a pleasure talking to Witney on this podcast! Since I’m in a polygamous relationship myself, I was looking forward to finally ask all my questions to someone who can also speak from experience. How do they do it? What did they learn along the way? How do people react?

In this podcast you will learn:

  • Why would anyone want to try an open relationship?
  • How to deal with lovers in an open relationship.
  • What do you do when you get in a fight with one of the lovers?
  • How to deal with negative emotions.
  • What is compersion?

We also talk about creating an optiimal situation for all people involved, the importance of trust and honesty, but als time-management, sleep-overs, how to let go, taking responsibility, ayahuasca and her greatest lesson so far.

In short: an honest and open heart-to-heart between two seekers on this path!

Whitney Miller


Psycholoog, ondernemer, podcastmaker, schrijver en eigenwijze rebel op zoek naar vrijheid. In je hoofd en daarbuiten - Niet omdat het moet, maar omdat het kan.

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