“Breathe. Look inside. Do the Work”, the words from Gino Chaka Runa (a Peruvian shaman) that guided me in my first Ayahuasca ceremonies. I got to talk with Gino more than a year later on his Waking Up 2017 tour and we dive deep into the world of Shamanism, waking up and healing through plant medicine.

So many interesting questions that I could finally ask him! What is Ayahuasca and how does it heal us? What does it take to be a good shaman and how did Gino found his path? How does a good ceremony lool like and why don’t our intentions matter. We also talk about our soul, about spirit and ego.


  • She doesn’t care about your mind, she only cares about your heart
  • Ayahuasca can heal you by showing you how to heal yourself.
  • She let’s you see whats already there.

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