In this episode Maaike and I talk with Brittany van Schravendijk (better known as KBfitBritt), a real kettlebell badass ánd an awesome human being. She’s a succesfull coach and athlete with multiple world records in the kettlebellsport.

When you follow her online you’ll notice that she’s not only really into handstands, kettlebells and the outdoors, but also into spreading her vision about body acceptance and self-care. This common goal is exactly the reason I invited her on this podcast: what sparked her own transformation and subsequent mission? How does she help other women with their road to a healthy body image and self-love?

I’ve had the pleasure to meet (and compete alongside) Brittany a couple of times and she really IS this energitic and positive person in real life. This podcast was a blast to record and I hope you like it too!

Co-host: Maaike Rijk

Watch the Podcast with Brittany van Schravendijk

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